High Performance Driving Schools


The Central California Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America is proud to offer BMW CCA High Performance Driving Schools.


BMW CCA Driving Schools are conducted on a closed circuit and supervised by experienced instructors. Holding a school on a closed venue eliminates all outside influences, resulting in a safer learning environment. The primary emphasis of the High Performance Driving School is a “hands-on” driving experience in your own car with a BMW CCA Driving Instructor sitting beside you.

You will learn how to handle and control your car in this secure environment, which will prepare you for emergencies and allow you to discover your limits and your car’s capabilities. In addition to one-on-one instruction with your instructor, classroom sessions help teach driving theory which you then get to apply on the track. A driving school is an excellent way to enjoy your car, while building skills and driving proficiency.  Our schools are open to students of all skill levels. Novices with no track event experience are welcome! Our schools feature the A+ curriculum for advanced drivers, providing opportunities for even the most experienced HPDE students an opportunity to learn!

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to do some more driving, learn more about your car and yourself!  A multi-chapter event:


Nov 21-23, 2014 – Regional High Performance Driving School!

4, 3, 2, 1   Presented by BMW of El Cajon and BMW of Murrieta

Four Chapters, Three Days, Two Tracks, One Great Event

Join Los Angeles, San Diego, Central California and Golden Gate Chapters at Streets of Willow (Friday and Sunday) AND Willow Springs Raceway (Saturday) for a great end-of-the-year track event. Whether you are a novice to High Performance Driving or ready to train to be an instructor, this event is for you. Registration is open, and more info available, at Motorsportreg.com (click here).


If you’re interested in future High Performance Driving Schools, send a note to dandwarner@att.net and we’ll get you on the email list.  See more general info on what to expect at one of these schools, at this link.

The school info packet below and this HPDE STUDENT INFO PACKET contain a lot of information about what to expect at one of our High Performance Driving Schools.  The forms must be printed and filled out appropriately and brought to the event (these forms are from our last school and will be updated before registration opens for the next school).

School Info Packet May 2014

Tech&Med forms HPDE May 2014

General Release

Minor Release